Tuesday, September 20, 2011

For the love of God, where are the grapes??!!!

For some reason, I always seem to push the limit with Zachary and the timing of dinner. He becomes too hungry, falls apart, and in turn upsets Isabelle.  And there we have it, the dreaded witching hour, brought completely upon myself.  This translates into two screaming and hungry children while I attempt to breast feed with one arm and throw together a healthy meal with the other.  I have to ask myself why this happens so frequently.  In my defense, once the alternating nappers are awake for the remainder of the day, changed, dressed and given a snack, it's 3:30.  Call me selfish, but I NEED TO GET OUT.   It doesn’t help that getting into a vehicle in Los Angeles is like jumping into a black hole.  Even a trip down the street to the grocery store somehow turns into a 2 hour excursion.
Yesterday, we were at an indoor playground for the latter part of the day. "Daddy should be leaving work soon! Let's have him meet us here?" I missed my husband dearly. Having him there to help me load and unload 2 kids at dinner time after a long day didn't even cross my mind. But by the time he got to us, it was already almost 6 O’clock, and Zachary was beyond hungry. Thank God I packed grapes for the car!  Steve buckled him in while I secured Isabelle and our two cars joined the other 4 million vehicles going 5 mph.   I love Los Angeles at 6 O’clock, and every other O’clock for that matter.   Within seconds, Zachary started screaming and crying for grapes and I could find them nowhere in the car. I called Steve.
Me - "Um...where is the bag of grapes I handed you to give Zachary?"

Steve -"I have them in my car. Why? Does he want them?"

Me - "What? I can't hear you. He's screaming for grapes."

At the next light, I pulled up beside Steve and he skillfully tossed the bag across his passenger seat into my driver's side window just before the light turned green. Disaster averted.   I would love to go on to tell you about the cop who pulled us over for dealing drugs, but I vowed to tell the truth, so I will wait a few months before making stories better. 
In summary, for the nutritional well being of my children, if not just for my own sanity, I really should plan on being home by 4:30 to prepare a healthy dinner.  Perhaps,  also donned in an apron while the kids quietly play with wooden blocks, listening to Chopin to enhance cognitive skills.  I’ll put that on my list of goals for tomorrow.

Happy Meal Times


kassie said...

I would just put this in my special category of "seemed like a good idea at the time" with about 100 pairs of shoes...(don't you love it when people without children comment?- I truly have no idea what you are talking about;)

Heather said...

Chopin, huh? I totally would have gone with Beethoven. ;0)