Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oh, blissful phase...wont you stay and play?

I understand that my entries are not nearly as amusing when I am not in a state of complete panic, ready to check myself into a mental ward and about to sell my children to the highest bidder. But, I must apologize for my lack of entertainment and cautiously admit that we are in a place of glorious balance at the moment. Zachary is behaving as if he has entered some sort of "most angelic two year old" contest and Isabelle is, well, Isabelle...delightful even with sunscreen and sand in her eyes.
My son has been walking around saying things like, "Mommy? Would you like some water?" And, if accidentally bumps into one of us, says  "Oops. I'm sorry. Can I kiss it?"  And, can't seem to pass by his sister without a sweet peck on her forehead and an offer of his favorite toy.   Um...who is this little person who used to resemble Bam Bam in more ways than one?  His communication abilities seem to have progressed overnight, leaving us to feel as though the foreign exchange student we've been housing has actually known English all along, and has just now decided it’s time to stop the insanity.
So for now, that highest bidder will have to wait before purchasing my children, and my readers may feel nostalgia for the original “on the verge of a breakdown” author.   But, lest you worry, I believe I stated in a not too far off post, that these periods are usually the calm before the storm.  Massive upheaval is surely just around the corner, whether it be caused by new teeth, a cognitive burst (a term that is supposed to make us feel better about being awakened every hour), a germ from the park, or just plain boredom with being agreeable. But, if you would like me to hurry it along, perhaps a trip to the beach is in order.

As I write this, my child has decided that a 20 minute nap should suffice for the day....that tragic post is surely on its way.


Leila said...

Ahhh, enjoy your moment, mama!

Bramos said...

You always get the laughs from me, crisis or not, grapes flying through the air from one car to the next. ;)

Heather said...

Oh, how I wish we were closer. He and Cooper would surely be good friends apologizing for bumping into one another. When the communication skills really start to kick in it's amazing to watch and listen. It's heart warming to say the least.

Rebecca said...

I echo Leila's comment-fun to read, no matter what and a well deserved respite for you!