Sunday, October 9, 2011

Step up to the Plate!

That glorious season has arrived! It's time to break out our sweaters, and zip up our coats. The air is crisp as leaves float down from the maple trees and form scattered mounds of autumn color, blanketing cool grass.  The aroma of burning firewood dances down cobblestone streets as children carve spooky grins into freshly picked pumpkins. 
Ok. I Iive in Southern California, but I'm certain this is all happening somewhere.
Wherever we may reside, Halloween is upon us! As invitations for scary activities fill our mailbox, I can't help but think of my childhood and how my mother painstakingly handmade each one of our costumes. All 5 of us.  One of these won me a gigantic trophy as I was awarded  "Cutest Costume" in the town of Maine's Halloween Extravaganza!  I'm sure it was televised on TLC. I was in fact the most adorable Strawberry Shortcake you ever did see.
This has me wondering what kind of Mother I strive to be where holidays and events are concerned. I recall my mother pulling all nighters on many occasions, creating her brilliant designs, often with no patterns, mind you. My wedding gown is still talked about, 10 years later. Right out of a magazine.  Exquisite.
So, I have decided that my children deserve that same sense of pride in their one of a kind disguises as they march down the streets alongside fellow trick-or- treaters.  It’s time to step up to the plate.  I am ready, confident and eager to get on the phone, call my mother and ask her to make their costumes. 

My niece and nephew-Halloween 1998
Fire truck courtesy of my Dad
Dalmatian and Fireman costumes - my Mom
Tough shoes to fill

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