Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Go! Go! Go!....Um....Wait......

We've been cheering her on for weeks now. Even her brother joins in. "Go Ellie! You can do it, baby sister!" She is ready to break out of her stationary cocoon and explore the vast world of sloppy dog dishes and power cords! She needs that toy train, just out of reach with such determination, it consumes her tiny voice with a frustrated screech!
We've been on the sidelines of this infantile sport and are eagerly waiting for her to reign victoriously!  We're here to offer a nudge or a tuck of the knees to assist in her endeavors, but this achievement is just for her. The first of many.
Today we step away for only seconds, and return to find her in a completely different location than where she was left. Our little Houdini.  She must have done it! We wait with eager anticipation for her to perform her previously private skill, until at last she graciously allows an audience. With a feisty glimmer of a grin and a concentrated furrow of her brow, she is off!  Under the crib before we can regale her with a standing O!
As I flick a proud tear from my eye and an inappropriately tiny object from her mouth, my euphoria sobers to panic.  A hard pit swelling my stomach.
Oh crap. They're both mobile.


Heather said...

And that's exactly how it feels too...climbing to the top of the roller coaster--"Go, go, go!" Finally reaching the top,"Woohooo!" And then the high speed racing down, "Oh, craaaap!"

Time to double check the 'baby proofing' and then let the fun begin!

Loving your writing.

emily said...

ah, yes!! That roller coaster drop is often a perfect metaphor in my life! Thanks, Heather!!